Ceil and Dan met about 8 years ago, and knew the first time they sang together that they had found something special. They’ve been harmonizing ever since and continue to both find and write new songs to share with each other and their audience. Dan has won several songwriting contests and can pen a song in a matter of hours or days, while Ceil has to work at it a good bit harder. Ceil always tells the audience to be careful what they talk about around Dan, because he will write a song about it.
Audiences enjoy Dan’s straight-faced, corny humor followed by his heartfelt introductions to his songs. Ceil on the other hand is more on the “whatever comes out of my mouth” approach interacting with her audiences. They seem to know that she’s just having fun and laugh along with her. Then she surprises them with an unexpected sad, emotional song that most everyone can identify with.
Performing live they also cover songs by songwriters they both enjoy such as Simon and Garfunkel, Gordon Lightfoot, John Prine, Randy Sparks , just to name a few.